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Increasing Profitability of Operations Through
Demand Intelligence

Smart Kiwi uses advanced machine learning

and 260+ external factors to accurately predict demand for operational planning. Based on historical, real-time trends and numerous external data, our platform provides optimal operational decisions; helping companies reduce their costs and increase profitability.



Smart Kiwi’s APIs provide cutting-edge data intelligence solutions to increase your revenue and optimise your operations.

Kiwi Forecasting

Know where the demand is headed in real-time and ahead of time with hyper-accurate predictions.

Get Real-time demand predictions to Optimize your operational and inventory tasks through our advanced AI engine. With Kiwi Forecasting, you can increase profitability by up to 20% while managing your in-field operations in the most efficient way.


Predictive Insights

Kiwi Insights predicts external trends that influence your operations and supply chain from an immediate 15-minute window to a 24-hour, 14-day, and seasonal outlook. Therefore; you can accurately foresee fluctuations in demand and how that influences your operations.

Dynamic Pricing

Leveraging our unique pricing optimization engine, we help you optimize promotions and fees, consequently balancing the supply/demand disparity during peak and off-peak times and seasons and increasing profitability.

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About Smart Kiwi

Smart Kiwi increases the profitability of operators and planners through data intelligence.


By accurately predicting demand, Smart Kiwi helps operations and supply chain teams make smarter decisions by providing real-time and seasonal demand forecasting and operations optimization.

All of this is done through our cutting-edge AI engine, which takes into account over 1000 variables derived from historical data and external factors. As an example, our prediction accuracy reaches over 94% for one of our largest clients. Submit your last 4 months historical data and we will show you how we can enhance your operational efficiency.

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