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Increasing Profitability of Mobility Operators Through Data Intelligence

Smart Kiwi uses advanced machine learning

and sophisticated geospatial algorithms to predict demand for shared mobility fleets. Based on historical, real-time trends and external data, our platform provides optimal operational decisions; helping companies reduce their costs and increase ridership.



Smart Kiwi’s APIs provide cutting-edge data solutions to increase your revenue and optimise your operations.

Kiwi Rebalancing

Know where the demand is headed in real-time.

Get Real-time demand predictions to Optimize your operational tasks through our dynamic Route Planning system. With Kiwi Rebalancing, you can increase ridership by up to 35% while managing your in-field operations in the most efficient way.


Predictive Maintenance

Get control of your warehouse operations by understanding when is the best time to run maintenance services on your fleet.

Kiwi Maintenance predicts the best time to service your fleet reducing its downtime and saving costs.

Dynamic Pricing

Get automated dynamic pricing recommendations to incentivize your rides.

Our dynamic pricing solution tells you when to increase or decrease your pricing based on your fleet behavior and real-time demand.

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About Smart Kiwi

Smart Kiwi increases the profitability of mobility operators through data intelligence.


By predicting the demand Smart Kiwi, helps operation teams make smarter decision providing real-time information about the optimal fleet distribution in order to increase ridership and reduce operational costs. 

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