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Increase Your Profitability Through Data Intelligence

Our data intelligence solutions help operations and supply chain teams increase their profitability and reduce their costs through our unique demand predictive and optimization platform.

Kiwi Rebalancing

Get Real-time demand predictions to Optimize your operational and inventory tasks through our advanced AI engine. With Kiwi Forecasting, you can reduce waste and costs by up to 30% and increase profitability by up to 20% while managing your in-field operations in the most efficient way.

Our Features:

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Demand Forecasting Analysis


Task Automation


Route Planning System


Resources Allocation


Dynamic Pricing


Predictive Insights

Kiwi Insights predicts external trends that influence your operations and supply chain from an immediate 15-minute window to a 24-hour, 14-day, and seasonal outlook. Therefore; you can accurately foresee fluctuations in demand and how that influences your operations.

Dynamic Pricing

Leveraging our unique pricing optimization engine, we help you optimize promotions and fees, consequently balancing the supply/demand disparity during peak and off-peak times and seasons and increasing profitability.

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